Marla and Jeff Wedding Videos

Special Note: All of these videos have been recorded using the MPEG file format. Most of the files are very large so be aware of download times.


Here comes the Bride! (Click here - 2.1MB)

"I Do" - Is that your final answer? (Click here - 1MB)

The Kiss (Click here - 2.7MB)

Our First Introduction (Click here - 3MB)


How about this entrance! (Click here - 2.5MB)

Miscellaneous cake pictures (Click here  - 2.1MB)

Cutting the cake (Click here - 2.4MB)

A fragment of Scott's toast (Click here - 2MB)

"Papoose" makes his singing debut! (Click here - 2.7MB)

Time to Go

A Goodbye Message from Austin Powers (a.k.a. Dave Basile)  (Click here - 1MB)

What are these guys talking about? (Click here - 978Kb)

Throwing of Bouqet - Way to Go Aunt Alice! (Click here - 1.9MB)

See you all later! Great Video (Click here - 940Kb)