Marla's Bridal Showers

Marla's first shower was held in Delaware on April 7, 2000. She had went home to work out some wedding plans that needed her attention. Her friends and family made use of the occasion to surprise her with a shower. The picture above is her first facial expression when she found out about the surprise!

The picture above is also from the surprise shower in Delaware. Look at the yummy food!

<picture here from Dan/Laurie's>

After coming back from Delaware, Marla's friend from church, Laurie Griffith, planned a lingerie shower for her on June 10, 2000!

On June 25, 2000, many of the ladies from the Brentwood church that we attend had another shower for Marla. The event was hosted at the home of Betty Autry. The picture above shows Marla burried in a room full of cool gifts!

Just prior to leaving for the wedding (July 7, 2000), Vickie Harris planned a special shower for Marla at her work place at American General.