Here is a picture of us with our parents 
(Gene/Joan Gray on the left and Maynard/Ruth Nisly in the middle).
This was taken during Thanksgiving 1998 at the Opryland Hotel.

No, I am not really a giant of a man, despite what these
pictures suggest. I am only 5'11, but Marla's small stature
(she is 4'10) makes me look like the Jolly Green Giant :)

We both love to go to Gatlinburg, TN with our friends.
Here we are up in the Smoky Mountains.

Way back in 1997 we started practicing for the time
we would feed wedding cake to each other :)

Here are some pictures from Valentines Day 1999. I had our friend's (Robert Davenport) quartet come to the Cracker Barrell and sing to Marla on Valentines Day. 
I think she liked it :)