Contact Information


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Marla and Jeff

Marla Nisly
Home: 615-333-9124
Work: 615-749-1248
e-Mail: marla_nisly (at) (no longer functional)

Jeff Gray
Home: 615-834-5035
Work: 615-343-7477
e-Mail: jgray (at)    (old account)

Maynard and Ruth Nisly

Home: 302-337-7800
Work: 302-337-8484 (Ruth)
e-Mail: maynard.nisly (at)

Gene and Joan Gray

Home: 304-845-6987
Work: 304-845-8500 (Gene)
e-Mail: svrealty (at)

Point of Contact Week of Wedding

Lisa Wilhelm
Cell Phone: 302-542-9642

If no answer, try calling Maynard and Ruth's house (302-337-7800)

Delaware Hotels

Holiday Inn Express
210 North Dual Highway
Seaford DE  19973
Phone: 302-629-2000
Features: outdoor pool, indoor weight room, new
(20 rooms, deadline June 30)

Best Western
225 North Dual Highway
Seaford DE  19973
Phone: 302-629-8385 (800-528-1234)
Features: indoor pool
(20 rooms, under Nisly/Gray)

Shawnee Inn Bed and Breakfast
Phone: 302-349-0878
(7 rooms)